New Project

I have started my personal project to build hexacopter which is based on DJI’s F550 chassis. I ordered parts from Chinese , I will give details on upcoming posts. Here you see the sneak peek :

Hexacopter Image
At first I was thinking of using Onion Omega IoT board to control hexacopter via built in WiFi interface where I have to do a lot research and learning. Then decided to start with commonly used DJI’s Naza V2 auto-pilot system. Separately I bought Flysky’s 6 channel, 2.4 GHz remote with receiver to connect with Naza V2. Brushless motors and propellers have been chosen according to comments on DIY forums.

In the first phase I am planning to get my basic setup ready to fly. After that I will be working on gimbal control and additional servo controls on hexacopter.